Michelle and I left for Bermuda on the Nortic Empress not from New York as planned but from Philadelphia.  The first couple of days were a little cloudy and cool, but when we got to Bermuda, the weather really turned bad!  Tropical storm Karen decided to visit the same week.  We saw part of the island on the first 2 days but then the winds increased to 60-70 mph and we kind of had to stay on the ship.  Now if you're trapped someplace, a cruise ship isn't a bad place to be.  While the island lost power, we ate and partied.  Annother cruise ship on the other end of the island actually broke away from the dock and ran aground  so they placed a tug boat alongside us and helped hold us to the pier.  We had some damage to the ship and repairs had to be made so our 7 day cruise became an 8 day cruise.  After the storm, and for the trip back, the weather turned warm and sunny.  We met alot of new people and had a good time with them, especially our table mates, 2 newly married couples: Joo and David, and Jenn and Robert.  After sailing on the Disney Cruise last year I was afraid no other cruise line could compare, I was wrong.